We are now featuring Team competition for all Half Marathon runners!
10% Discount for all Team members.  

Register online with Marathon Guide.

Each team must consist of at least 5 runners who each run the entire half marathon course.
These are NOT relay teams.

Winning teams will be awarded canvases handmade by the core members from First Light Community.

Winning time will be calculated from the combined finish times of the 5 fastest runners on each team in each category.  As with all awards, runners' times will be based on Gun Time.

Divisions:  (with categories Male, Female & Coed)
Open (M, F, & Coed)
 (M, F, & Coed)
Gr Masters
 (M, F, & Coed)
Sr Gr Masters
 (M, F, & Coed)
 (M, F, & Coed)
College (M, F, & Coed)
High School
 (M, F, & Coed)

Team captains are responsible for completing a Team Roster, and submitting it to the Mobile Half Marathon by January 5, 2023.
And each team member must also submit a signed Individual Application / waiver.

An individual may only participate on one team.

Note: If you previously registered and would now like to create / join a team, please email us and we will update your registration information.  Please provide your name and age, the Team Name, the Team Division shown above and whether it will be M, F, or Coed.