Finisher Medallions:
  Since the beginning of this Marathon, runners have been greeted at the end of the finish line by a member of the First Light Community and presented with a commemorative medallion. With the exception of 2005, 2006 and the Back-2-Back, each medallion has been proudly finished by hand by a member of the First Light Community.

The Marathon committee knows this has been a labor of love for the First Light Community members and hopes runners can appreciate the significance of the contribution by the First Light Community members. In 2010, our race medallions were ranked 10th out of all U.S. marathons by Marathon & Beyond Magazine.

Click to see a pictorial gallery of the medallions presented in past years:  Pictorial Gallery


A pictorial past of our Medallions:

Dec-2001 Dec-2002 Dec-2003 Jan-2005
Jan-2006 Jan-2007 Jan-2008 Jan-2009
Jan-2010 Jan-2011 Jan-2012 Jan-2013
Jan-2014 Jan-2015 Jan-2016 Jan-2016 Back-2-Back
Jan-2017 Jan-2018 Jan-2019 Jan-2020

Marathon & Half Marathon:
  Unique plaques will be awarded to:
      - Top 10 overall winners (male & female)
      - Top 5 winners (male & female) for Senior Grand Masters, Grand Masters and Masters
      - Top 5 winners (male & female) for Race Walkers
      - Top 3 winners (male & female) in each Age Group (16-19 and every fifth year after that)
      - Top 3 wheelchair finishers

Half Marathon:
  In addition to the above age groups, the Half-Marathon will feature a '15 and Under' Age Group (male & female).

Marathon Relay Teams:
  Awards presented to the top 3 teams in each category and division.



Top 10 Awards Announced:
  The top 10 overall winners of the Half Marathon and the Full Marathon awards will be announced.

  The Half Marathon awards will be presented at 10:30 AM and Full Marathon awards will be presented at approximately 12:00 noon.

Age Groups Awards:
  Age group awards can be picked up any time after the announced winners.